THEORY.TEXT is a blog that supplements and to an extent represents the work of Othernesses and in Othernesses.

THEORY.TEXT is understood as a platform from within the field of Comparative Literature.

It focuses on the connecting lines and questions of critical theorizations against the background of historical interweavings. In particular, the connecting deep structure and relation of Critical Theory and Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies are discussed. Central topics are thereby approaches to questions of aesthetics and poetics.

The blog connects literary theory, philosophy and political thought in the nexus of theory & practice, also against the background of deconstructivist considerations. In this way, it offers workshops of dialogue, constructive debate, and critical thinking in English and German. Topics and contents of the blog are academic approaches, discipline-related as well as cross-disciplinary critiques, and current events. THEORY.TEXT thus aims to offer a meta-level for (self-)critical reflection.

As a blog and forum for critical thought, THEORY.TEXT is open to all who want to engage in, contribute to, and further elaborate on the framework of theoretical reflections – which always remain political – in order to interrelate and to discuss different contents, methodological questions, and diverse approaches in a socio-politically relevant and informed manner.

THEORY.TEXT is an open, critical forum for all who are interested in theory as a process of thinking, agency, and activism and who are centrally concerned with questions of aesthetics and poetics.

Contributions can be sent in as part of calls or in individual form.